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Which languages are available for the software?

Currently, only French and English are available. Other languages will be soon implemented. 

How to change the songs without deleting the original ones?

You can download the original songs and has them in your music library, thanks to the button “Gear”, available in the software. 

I cant load the application!

Please check your internet connection.

My Mac doesnt recognize your software.

This is expected as we are not certified by Apple. Please change the setting of your computer to allow the installation of uncertified software.

Is there an Apps version for Smartphone / Tablet?

This functionality is under study. But we can tell you right now that this won’t be possible for the Ipad/Iphone/Ipod as Apple doesnt allow those devices to export musics to other devices.

Toy’s FAQ

How to switch music when I want?

To be able to switch from one tune to an other one, user has to press the button STOP first, and then a musical button. This behavior is set on purpose. It gives power to the kid on what he is listening to.

Can I ship my Luli by airmail?

Luli has a lithium ion battery inside. So shipping depends of the carrier, the destination and the local regulation. As long as the device isn’t damage, there shouldn’t be any issue.

I cant recharge Lulis battery.

Please make sure the main power is switched OFF. This switch is located at the bottom of the toy, under the flap. As long as this switch is ON, the LED stays RED.

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