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Who’s the Mom?

A loving Mom
My name is Sophie, I grew up in France and I’m the mother of two wonderful kids. They are 2 and 4 years old and they love singing, dancing and listening to stories. So I created and developed  for them – a pleasant music player, playful and colorful, easy to use for young children who can’t read yet. 

A practical Mom
I choose the music they listen. I load it in . There are songs, stories or lullabies. Usage depends on the moment of the day. To respect my children’s environment (in the car, the school bus or at home), the volume level is lower than the one of similar toys. Under a flap, inaccessible to them, there is a switch. I’m still the one deciding when I want silence.

A safe Mom
 is made of ABS, a plastic which is durable and safe for children and that doesn’t contain any toxic chemicals. ABS has no BPA. Paint is reduced to the minimum as colors are injected whenever possible. The music isn’t compressed, the speaker provides delicate voice output: Our child’s ears are protected.

The Functions of

Infinite Choice of Loading
Thanks to a dedicated software application, parents can load any sound file in . The files come from your own music library or directly from a CD. Thanks to the software, ’s song library can be renewed indefinitely.

Up-load up to 24 songs
Your child can directly access 6 types of music by using the buttons on the front of the box. A selector on the right side multiplies the choice by 4. The 2GB available memory allows the child to listen to up to 6 hours of quality music recordings.

High Quality of Sound
To respect the eardrums, the music recorded inside  is not compressed. The subtleties of the sound tracks can be enjoyed. The speaker was carefully chosen to optimize the tones of the children’s songs.

  brings your child more than music. She makes him think and react. The act of listening is active and not passive, since the tracks don’t play continuously. Voluntary action is taught with the usage of the  and the need to select the next music.

Adjustable Sound Level

Two volume levels are available: low and medium. Since the sound quality is exceptional, a “strong” volume is not necessary. This switch also allows your child to control  by turning off his toy. Note: a dedicated parental control button is available.

USB – Plug-in to Charge
Thanks to the battery that can be charged with the provided micro-usb cable, disposable batteries and a screwdriver are no longer necessary. A luminous indicator monitors the battery charge level: charging is red, charged is blue.

The Dedicated Software

This application aims to be accessible to all. It is simple and intuitive and can be used with Mac OS, Windows or Linux. It can access all of the computer’s music files (wav, mp3, mp4…) as well as CDs. An indexing system helps you easily find her/his favorite songs . The compilations can be prepared in advance. A user guide and a FAQ page are available.

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